Thursday, July 7, 2011

Edmodo Wrap-Up

As we finished our week of class using the Edmodo platform, I was feeling pretty good about this amazing social networking site for teachers and students!  I was impressed with the many features of Edmodo including the ability to give assignments and grade them on Edmodo, conduct polls, quickly communicate messages to students, and allow parents to have access too.  I enjoyed using this form of communication for our class.  That being said, I really struggled with one thing in Edmodo: too many posts were getting lost in the "pile-up".  This was happening with our relatvely small class of 16 students or so.  What would happen in a class of 26 with students who LOVE social networking sites?  I felt like I spent so much time reading posts, responding to them, and creating my own.  I'm not sure that I liked that feature.  However, I'm not quite sure how to fix that either.  Maybe the posts can be categorized into topics and only certain topics are viewable at one time?
I look forward to utilizing Edmodo in my 6th grade classroom this fall.  I also know that Edmodo is being used by some high school classrooms.  So, I may set-up a "class" for the high school library and experiment with that as well.

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