Friday, July 8, 2011

Facebook for Education? That is the controversy...

After a week of looking at social networking's place in education, I found a blog post from the Innovative Educator very relevant.  A quote from Nancy Willard reads...

  • Trying to prepare students for their future without interactive Web 2.0 technologies in school would be like trying to teach a child to swim without a swimming pool.  However, it is exceptionally important for schools to carefully consider what technologies they will embrace.
This quote is followed by a list of 7 reasons why Facebook should NOT be used for classroom instruction.  Each reason is then followed by a response from Lisa Velmer Nielsen (The Innovative Educator) explaining why Facebook SHOULD be used in education.  It is a very interesting post that gives both the positive and negative. 

I am still not sure about Facebook in education.  I feel comfortable setting up a library or classroom page to use for communication between parents, students, and the school community, but I'm not so comfortable with student/teacher interactions through Facebook.  I would be interested in hearing your thoughts after reading the Innovative Educator's blog post.

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